Where can I come and see these morons? …Said no one, but if you thought it, it was funny.

We do approximately a dozen tour stops for both public and civilian Shows. Depending on the show, we will do 5-10 minute demos and usually what makes our demos interesting is that we let the crowd pick scenarios. We don’t do the monkey in the box with the cymbals smashing and the idiot with the top hat using the same line. Hell, a demo does a lot.

First, let’s talk about our demos. You may not realize how much pressure and distraction it places on a K9! The flashes, people, and voices all play into testing our K9’s focus and concentration. Then, the unrehearsed scenarios place them in P.O.D. Mode (Performance on Demand). So, when we have lovely haters that comment and do the arm chair score boarding, I simply laugh and say what you just saw is for show…what they do behind the scenes could never be revealed in public for an obvious reason. What you will see is expert control, amazing temperament, and socialization on how quickly they can be turned on and off. What you will see is K9s that will make you scratch your head and say hmmm.

Let me just say this, its INFOTAINMENT! But it’s a way for us to bring public awareness of the Corrections Special Ops K9s.  So, if you’re in the neighborhood drop on by. Our next biggest show is the 2018 Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV where we do three shows a day! Come and meet the PawCrew and, hell, if you want I’ll even take a picture of a protein bar! We have a few rules at each show, so you will have to go by our rules, or we cannot allow you near our K9 Paws!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Dec 7 2017NYC, NYThe BocClick Here
Jan 22 2017Jenville, NCDoccins TavClick Here
Mar 15th 2017Portland, ORStadiumClick Here
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