Blasted pressure from our fans! I finally committed to designing collars, leads, harnesses, and cool T-shirts!  Also, have some other cool stuff coming out soon! Don’t even complain about the prices! A K9 has to pay for food! Man and K9 cannot live on pictures alone. Chick-fil-A maybe but we have to have a cool truck to ride in and cool kennels to sleep in. So in all seriousness everything we sell on this site is American Made and trust me if you have any issues with it, I will refund your dog biscuits back without any question! But if your Paws destroyed it and abused it, you get a bark back from me along with a poop bag wishing you all the best! Seriously, I pledge to only carry the best equipment. I will have the following line Pro Series, Home Series, and then I will have the BDI – Bitches Dig It series (I am talking about female dogs)… wow relax your male dogs would like to show these off to their female dog counterparts! We promise that as soon as your biscuits end up in our bowl, we will ship within 24 hours! If you’re international we will ship within 48 hours it has to clear customs!

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