Personality: Prima Dona ring a bell!!?
(With a proper British accent please) Hello, I am Maximus Kalev Ben Joseph. I love the camera…kind of like KILO1, the camera hog.  I have seen my fair share of scuffles and resistance was futile for most of these chaps in strips! I speak the Queens English yet I have never been invited to the Palace for tea.  Blasted Yanks they ruin everything.  I serve KILO1 and in case you did not guess who he was, he’s the good fellow with a camera glued to his “arse”.  I believe I was the first K9 to be used as a certified Level 1 K9 for these chaps in green pajamas.  I was the first to use specialized equipment and cameras for real world operations.  To all the naysayers I say ‘Dog’s bollocks’ to you.  I have now gone into a mentor role and full retirement while I watch these other imbeciles in my pack act like bloody idiots!  I mostly mentor that fellow Mogen who acts as my Scottish friends would say “All Bum and Parsley” for you yanks that don’t understand that in english (know it all) I was the first K9 to deploy for Helicopters along with these chaps in green pajamas.
Name: Maximus Kalev ben(Hebrew Dog of) Joseph
Call Sign – Legend
Age: 9
Breed: Riesenschnauzer
Weight: 114 – 124lbs
Height: 29’
Color: Black
Breeder: Pomerland Schanuezers
Orgin: His Mother (Spain)
Gender: Transgender just kidding Male!  All Male
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Year of Operations: 6 Years
  • NAPWDA Patrol
  • CSOG Special Ops Level 1
Speciality: Fast Food, Eat and Run and Being a Hair Missile
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