STL Joseph Garcia – KILO1

Hey there! I’m STL Joseph Garcia with call sign KILO1. By now many of you have called me by some other names I am sure, but the most common names I am referred to is “The SWAT guy with the Cool Black Dogs.” It does not matter. I am known as an operator/handler. I am not exclusively a handler because that means that I would just handle a K9. I am an operator and team leader first. I lead over a group of the nations most elite Corrections Special Ops – Operators based strategically around the US and abroad. I have been serving in Law Enforcement for over two decades and have held ranks up to Captain where I was the commander of the special ops unit for a major agency.

As an active Team Leader, I push all of my men to their highest level of operational capability. Ok enough of the Testosterone talk. I helped start this page and started sharing my work out routines, equipment, etc with the public nearly 7 years ago. I believe that I not a special dude, I have unique skill sets like eating while driving my trucks, Trying to not get bit while making my K9 Battle Dogs do some crazy stuff, seriously. I am honestly just a regular guy that Loves the Lord, Doesn’t care what anyone says, I mean the haters or Naysayers that is.. I won’t let them be thorns or rattle my cage. There are in a league of their own. I’m just a guy that shares his K9 Battle Dogs with the public for entertainment purposes only! Its called Infotainment so if you laugh great, If you cried Oops that was not meant to happen If you hate me, congrats and get inline with the Haters… If you bored and just checking out this site, Thank you for your time and have a great time exploring!

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