Personality: One of the Three Hyenas
(With Chris Farley voice in The movie Black Sheep) Well La De Freakin Da Whaat?! Hey there, how do you like fast food, what what was that over there? OK like I was saying fast food is awesome specially if its quick, wait did you see that?!.. what was ai saying? Did you say bite that guy?  Wait lets go grab a quick bite I always eat and run.
Name: Günter (Germanic of “war”) Joseph
Call Sign: Rookie
Age: 1 ½ 
Breed: Riesenschnauzer
Weight: 106 – lbs
Height: 27’
Color: Black
Breeder: Undisclosed
Orgin: Undisclosed
Gender: Metro Male!  All Male
Hypoallergenic: Yes / Depends if I bath or not
Year of Operations: Not yet Released for active duty until certification and completion of Pipeline Special OPs K9 Program.
  • Currently in Phase 6 of pipeline Corrections Special Ops School.
Speciality: Fast Food, Eat and Run and Being a Hair Missile
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